Continued development

April 12, 2010

I am hard at work putting new information on the site. All of the “non-Message” sites are completed aside from a small bit of artwork. With that, I continued the process of constructing the best way to present the world of the Message. It’s amazing how difficult it is to visualize something like a website before it is actually completed, or nearing completion. I had tossed plenty of ideas around, but nothing ever stuck. I didn’t want something that was drole and read like a textbook, which is normally what I found around the internet (if a book is ever marketed in this way).

During this time, I contacted some of my more “visually-minded” friends as well as fellow writers. They’ve given their advice and I’ll be spending the next few days making that a reality.  The initial plan will include original prose pieces that depict scenes touched on within the novel. This will be in the place of “Encyclopedia” style introductions of the characters so you get to know them in their own words and not like a set of statistics. AND, if I find an artist that is willing, perhaps a few graphic stories in the comic style. I am currently working on Siraj, who you would find as the bottom middle character in the “Cast” illustration found on the “about” page.


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