Twilight on “Most Challenged books” list

April 15, 2010

OK, I’m not a fan of Twilight. I’ve never read the books. I’ve never watched the movies. I’ve seen some cool looking t-shirts, bookmarks, pins, hats, and similar stuff. However, my lack of interest in the series has more to do with my distaste for vampires.

Which is a major reason so many challenges were made to the ALA (American Library Association).

I don’t enjoy vampire stories. It’s not that the concept is “bad”; it’s that I have seen it so many times that it simply doesn’t interest me. For me, a good vampire story is closer to monstrous than elegant Edwardian (with all his sparkling in the sunlight). In my mind, if they exude elegance it is only as a means to your end.

But that’s me and I haven’t sold nearly the amount of books as Ms. Meyers.

And though her book gets top billing as “most challenged” (how else would people care to read the article), it was actually number 5. Ahead of Twilight – To Kill a Mockingbird due to racial comments and language.

Do people complain about these books without actually reading them? Do they create and send out form letters annually so that they can rid a library of a book that’s been out since my grandmother was little, and one that I have fond memories of? (A surprise given that I was likely in 10th grade or so)

To me, even though Twilight will get the headlines, it is To Kill a Mockingbird that earns my frustration. If you want to slam a book, read it first. This would be why I didn’t slam Twilight.

But that’s just me.


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