Television and SyFy’s Being Human

March 6, 2011

I’m not a TV viewer. I will watch a movie here or there, but television, aside from that great drama known as college football, tends to leave me feeling drained. If I’ve spent time in front of the tube (yeah, I still have a tube and not the flat version), I feel depleted, as if I’ve ruined a perfectly reasonable opportunity to achieve more writing, cleaning, straightening, reading, organizing, ANYTHING.
That is except for one show – SyFy’s Being Human.

If you’ve not watched it, here’s the premise: A vampire, werewolf, and ghost share a house.

Yeah, I also thought it sounded stupid.

But I have really enjoyed it. Even with the vampire. My views of vampire stories are pretty well documented. These monsters have been done so much that aside from maybe 1 or 2 movies, I avoid anything with sucky fangs (can anyone guess the movie?). So many people have tried to do “something new” with vamps, all of which are clearly influenced by Anne Rice and/or that Vampire:The Masquerade RPG. Normally, then, to see me watching something with a vampire is just unnatural.

Being Human opens with your stereotypical vampire, all suave and whatever, and trying to not kill people because he thinks it’s wrong. Unfortunately, he loses control and kills someone, leading to the introduction of (yawn) more vampires who are part of the establishment and can make his problems go away… (evil music) for a price. His roommate also believes his lifestyle is wrong because he’s a werewolf. Now, I’ve not seen Twilight (see above paragraph for why) but this werewolf is nothing like the movies (or books – it was a book first, right?). He’s a nerd, socially inept, which makes a humorous foil to the suave vampire. It is this ongoing humor in the opening episode that hooked me. When the house they bought is haunted by a ghost, and one only they can see because of their unnatural form, the show actually improves with who, from my limited viewing, makes the show. The ghost is stuck in the house she died in, always anxiously waiting for her friends who she can interact with can return home. And she’s irritating in a wonderfully entertaining way.

After a recent work injury took me out of writing, cleaning, ANYTHING, it did bring me enough time to watch television and I caught up on to the series. It lost most of its early humor, going down a decidedly darker path for several episodes, but I’m hoping for a return to what made it great – awesome humor that plays off a ridiculous premise. And one that might work… in spite of the vampire.



  1. Warren, I have not seen this show yet, but will try to catch it as you have made it seem like one worth watching. Like you I do not spend much time in front of the tv, the only shows I watch on a regular basis is NCIS and Pawn Stars.

    • I have watched both of those, but I don’t follow either. NCIS is more of my wife’s show, and now my son likes it as well. For me, I’m normally writing while they’re watching it and I’ll turn around when they laugh or something.

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