Let the Right One In

March 14, 2011

After my last post trashing the vampire genre (yeah, I know it’s not a true genre, but it’s certainly getting there!), I got a strange urge on Thursday night.  I was running through my options on Netflix hoping to find something scary.  I came across Let the Right One In, a Swedish movie about a little girl vampire and her friend (last fall redone as an American film named Let Me In.  That premise sounds much cuter than the movie actually was.  It was eerie.  Not scary, since the director didn’t bother to hide it when each suspenseful scene before the monster did something hideous, aka – the “stereotypical scary moment”.  I never jumped, but I was left fearful, not of the vampire, but of the boy.

In some strange way, he (Oskar) scared me more.  Maybe I could relate to the vampire girl (Eli), even though she was cold (literally and emotionally).  Oscar crossed me as a sociopath; Eli appeared more as doing what she had to do to survive.

Favorite Line: Oscar and Eli are outside at night during the freezing winter.

Oscar: Aren’t you cold?

Eli: No.

Oscar: How?

Eli: I guess I forgot how

Now, this movie is NOT for children – it is rated R for a reason.  You’ll find violence, blood, some gore (though it wasn’t much worse than CSI to me), and a brief bit of nudity (so brief that I wasn’t sure they actually showed anything until I checked the site in prepping to write this and looked over the rating and reasons why).  It is a troubling movie, and if you don’t typically enjoy foreign films with their minimalist approach to storytelling, then this one will probably leave you wanting more.

Now, the ending questions is – why have I had such a distaste for vampires in general, but found this concept acceptable?


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