Looking for Readers

July 11, 2011

Last November, I took a break from my regular writing to participate in NanoWriMo 2010.  The novel I choose wasn’t the novel that much of this site is devoted to – The Message – but I’m nearing completion of this latest manuscript (along w/ an initial edit).  I hope to turn it into an ongoing series entitled The Seer Covenant  (I have a short “blurb” for the story at the end of this blog post).  I am currently seeking readers to offer feedback, suggestions, and advice prior to finalizing the manuscript for submission.  If you have previously shown interest in reading my work and offering this help, I’ll be contacting you to see if you’re still able.  However, if you are interested and you do not hear from me, please drop me an email stating so and I’ll get it to you.  My estimated time of completion is Sunday July 17th.  I will be sending the manuscript out at that time.

The Seer Covenant Blurb:

When Anders Ward’s father went into the hospital, a distraught Anders made a promise to God.  If God would let Anders make it to the hospital to speak to his dad before the surgery, then Anders would serve God for the rest of his life.  Anders did make it, but his father died during the surgery.  Life went on and Anders forgot his covenant, but a couple of years later God has come to collect on that promise.

The Seer Covenant is a coming of age story with a supernatural twist brought to you by Warren Fitzpatrick.


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  1. Id love to read it 🙂

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