Yeah, I’m raising a funny child

August 12, 2011

“Dad, there’s one thing I never liked about Wonder Woman,” my son began, though I’m not sure how Wonder Woman actually became a part of the conversation. Alex continued, “her invisible jet.”

Now, I’d agree with his summation. It does look rather ridiculous, and if I didn’t already agree, my son added a visual aid of himself squatted down like he was flying a jet.

Which got my own mind thinking (yeah, you know it’s gonna get bad right about now).

“It makes me wonder of better uses for her invisible technology,” I said.

“Like driving a car,” Alex said. To his credit, the thought of someone going down the road squatting like that with nothing around them except maybe their speakers did some pretty ludicrous. Why the speakers? Audio speakers as loud as my neighbors could never be invisible!

“Son,” I interjected, “you kinda look like your taking a dump in an invisible toilet.”

Alex laughed, which is always a good thing, and then added his own addition (which is becoming a funnier thing the more he gets this humor thing down), “Sitting on the invisible toilet reading the newspaper.”

I laughed, another good thing, and added, “Clark! (of Superman fame) You left the toilet seat up again!”

Alex interjected, “I thought it was down!”

Alex likes to ad-lib the acting, using a decidely outside voice tone that could work on most broadway theaters. This time, he took a Ralph Cramdon approach. Or maybe the incredible Hulk. Yeah, Hulk fits the theme, only with better syntax.

“Of course,” I continued, “it’d all be good until someone has diarrhea.”

We both laughed followed by my punchline –

“Well, at least they could see the toilet seat now!”

That’s right, toilet humor never fails!

And does this have to do with anything otherwise on this website? No, not really, but it made me laugh & hopefully it entertained you!



  1. Love the tags

  2. Uhhhh, EWWWWWWW! Or, in your words “Eee yuk!” šŸ˜›

    Maybe Diana could go back to Themyscira and have the local alchemist invent a pill or potion of some kind to make her invisible in case of a long flight, in case of bowel movements, as well as those “not so fresh” feelings. Nothing would kill the illusion more than to see a gorgeous woman (whether real or otherwise) laying out a Number Two!:P

    And by the way, that’s Ralph KRAMDEN, not Cramdon. I know this because I have the “Honeymooners: Classic 39” DVD box set. Hilarious stuff well worth checking out!

    Again, eee yuk!:P

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