Guest post by Steven “B5” Jones

November 22, 2011

Below is a guest post/review by Steve “B5” Jones, an author whose book I recently reviewed.


The Land Beyond the Portal
J. S. Bailey
For more information on the book, go to: jsbaileywrites.com

“A charming brick house sat in the mountains like a mother bird in her nest.” …and so it starts, a story which begs comparison to names like: Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Spirited Away.

We are introduced to a young woman named Laura who is alone in a house and is worried. We don’t really find out what the fuss is about, or her last name before all those considerations are lost with a tumble down the stairs. When Laura awakes, she doesn’t remember. As if that wasn’t enough, the girl goes into the cellar where she finds…well, what turns out to be a portal–a gateway to another place.

That’s in the first chapter. For what happens next, you have to read the book.

This is a Christian book. It is labeled suspense, but it could as easily carry other labels such as “novel”, “young adult” or the sometimes stigmatized, “science fiction”.

The writing is good, the description fine and vivid. The voice is distinct. The Christian elements are graceful and not stilted. The characterization is clear. It’s not a long book, 247 pages. It is not deep and philosophical; it’s just an enjoyable read.

People who like adventure stories will like this. Young adults will like it for sure. People who look for something with a flair for the mysterious will like this book.


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