Sharing a hero

December 4, 2011

We all hope to be heroic, but often when the opportunity presents itself, we fold.  Below is a story a proud mother posted to facebook.  It was a blog posted by the gym teacher at her son’s school.  I don’t know the child, the gym teacher, and the mother I went to High School with, but what I see in her son is as uplifting as any book I’ve ever read.  And it’s real.


When I taught physical education it was important to me that all students in the school take the class. I believe that physical education is the broad foundation that all great athletic programs are founded upon. It is a class that puts the gifted athlete in with the awkward one and they can learn from and help each other. Once we had a boy with deformed hands who was not real good at ball handling skills but he was great at holding a badminton racquet. It was a good thing for the all state tailback to get humbled by the “handicapped” young man. Respect was gained on both sides. Great things can be accomplished at a school where students look after and respect each other and the adults.

I heard about a situation where a new student moved into a district and was in the physical education locker room. In the room some of the students were ridiculing a special needs student. This new student made a comment that this kind of conduct was not right. Of course the ones doing it challenged the new kid and started making comments about him.

This new student demonstrated a lot of courage because most people want to “fit in” and when you are the new kid on the block you are trying to find your place. It would have been very easy to let the special needs boy twist in the wind and not say anything for fear the pack would turn on him. This young man had the courage of his convictions and did what he thought was the right thing. How do you think the special needs students felt about hIm? I am betting that if the new student ever goes out for a sport, he will have a number one fan cheering for him. That is the kind of people I would like to have on my team because great things are possible with people who have physical AND moral courage.

What happened under Hitler was the direct result of people not speaking up because it was not affecting them and they let the ones getting segregated out, twist in the wind. Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do, even if it is not popular at the time.

I would say “Way To Go New Kid, Welcome To Our School, Do You Want To Come Out For Football…


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