Why did you make this website?

The initial thought was to create a web-presence. I had been working on The Message for several years and was nearing its completion. It seemed smart that if I could create a fanbase for the world, it’d help sell the book. And I never half do anything, so I went after some great artists to help bring the site to life.

When does your novel come out?

Draft 1 is done. I’m currently in the editing stage. I’ll be submitting it to agents after that. Hopefully, it will be picked up. If you’d like to read a bit of it, go on over to that portal of the site and check out the actual novel sections.

How’d you get such cool artwork?

Through my work in comics, I was able to meet some great artists. From there, I simply sought out great artists that would help bring the world of the Message alive. And of course, friends are always a blessing! However, I have purchased the rights to this artwork that was created especially for the Message.

Can I use your images?

For personal things (such as images for your characters in games or the like), I don’t mind (and wouldn’t know anyway). However, if you publish it (in any fashion including websites), then I will need to contact the artists. They did the work. I purchased the right to use it and own it. I cannot make my own shirts and sell them. You can’t either. I can post them on the site. You need to ask. Depending on what reason given, we’ll discuss it.

Can I submit artwork inspired by your world?

Sure. I hope to add a special section of the site for unused art as well as fan art. You will own the rights to the artwork, though not the characters.


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