Graphic Storytelling

  • Crossfyre – A character made  years ago, this was my first published comic story. The artist was Duane “Solo” Perry of Honor Studios, a great friend and amazing artist. These are scans of color print outs I recently found – I had misplaced the electronic files so it does look a bit worn, but I think will be alright to read. Click through to find out a bit more info about the story.
  • Ragged Capes – Several years ago, I was asked to write a story from the perspective of a “super-villain”. I wrote an initial one about a guy who just got caught up in a situation out of his control, largely because normal “villainous” motivations escaped me. That story was nixed for the anthology. So, I tried again, this time with a grandiose character that was unbelievable, even for me. The final attempt took me to a different place, a character straight out of Tales from the Crypt. This character and story was evidently what the publishers wanted because they took it and adapted the story for the medium.

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