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The Dragon by Dan Warren

The Account of Days Beforetime.

From the Record of Saduqqia

Reshiyth called a meeting in the heavens.  All that was convened to discuss life and its creations.  Reshiyth lifted a scroll to show the next creation, breaking the seal and unrolling it so that it encompassed the heavens.  Reshiyth then read its words, each letter bringing another star.  As all that was watched, a dragon, Draca’Rasmus, returned from a trip to the outer realms where he sought the deepest secrets of the universe.  Draca’Rasmus challenged Reshiyth to allow the secret of creation to leave his hand.

 Reshiyth denied the request.  Draca’Rasmus raged that Reshiyth had given the Ergon the power to seek but not to grasp, but Reshiyth shunned the Dragon.  Draca’Rasmus roared across the heavens as a bird, trailing fire before and after him, but Reshiyth did not waiver.  Other dragons left the meeting to join Rasmus, adding their fire to his.  The fire was so intense that the scroll’s seal melted, dripping into the universe and providing the seeds of life.  Reshiyth breathed life and spoke the seal into existence, creating the first men.  Reshiyth then banished the Dragons for a time and half a time.

 Man lived on the creation through three ages, growing as Reshiyth tended the seeds within their potential.  But some men nurtured other seeds, and separated themselves from Reshiyth, angering the Creator, and he smote them with fire from the land and sky. The people climbed to the mountains to escape his wrath, calling for the stones to kill them, but stone did not listen.

 In the city of Azylon, a remnant had stayed faithful, seeking Reshiyth’s blessing and forgiveness for the land. And he heard them.

 Return of the Dragons

From the Record of Saduqqia

In those days the dragons came, falling with the stars from heaven, and becoming creatures of power and might, bringers of order to the world.  Rasmus, the greatest of the dragons roared and gnashed his teeth against the Creator.  Ximene, the brother of Rasmus, rose up against Rasmus, driving him once again from the Creator’s presence.

Rasmus sought other brothers that would be in agreement.  Ocavus and Arin, Kludien and Thekla, Laviez and Iona, all were led astray, for their hearts were filled with lust for the fairness of mortal women.  They changed their form to that of a man and came unto the women, and knew them.  And when the days were accomplished that the maidens should give birth, the Dragons returned for their children.  The women cried out to Reshiyth and he heard their cry.

Reshiyth sent creatures, their face of a lion, their body of a man, and in the heavens they fought with Ocavus and Arin, Kludien and Thekla, Laviez and Iona.  The battle raged for an age until Ximene, Jehudi, and Pavel, Dragons of Light, cast Ocavus and Arin, Kludien and Thekla, Laviez and Iona into a prison beneath the sea.  Ximene hunted Rasmus, finding him on a mountain overlooking the world.  There, Ximene fought Rasmus, and with a mighty heave, cast Rasmus down, sending the great creature through the land, dividing it between north and south.  Ximene searched for Rasmus, but the Great Dragon had fled.


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