Sargon Totec

 As written by Shad-Ehactyl

Quetzalli, a woman of no means or family, lamented that she was alone with child, for the seed-bearer was her uncle. The family shunned her, casting her into the frozen wastelands of the north. There, a cave orc found her asleep in a cave and cared for her wounds, for she wore many stripes. When she awoke, she was sore afraid, but in time, she come to see the orc as a friend, calling him Xipe-Topec. When the days were accomplished for her to give birth, she was brought upon the apex of the highest mountain, and there brought forth a son who she named Sar-Totec. The child grew to be strong, but as the child’s second summer sun parted the clouds, he fell through the ice and there froze. Quetzalli’s tears were many as she bent her head to the ice gods of the cave-orcs and cried for the Dragon of the North to come and warm her son, but those gods did not hear her. The cave-orcs carried Sar-Totec to the valley of Nor Azylon, and there buried the young boy. Quetzalli wept for many days, walking in the morning to weep at her child’s grave. As the rivers froze and then thawed in the summer, still she made the journey daily until the tenth winter she lacked the strength to leave the grave, and there her tears and warmth joined with the ground, taking her life.

 When the ice thawed again, the land shook so that no tree in the forest could stand, and Sar-Totec rose from the dead. He walked to the gates of Tiefel-Obom, and there was taken as a slave. He worked for many days gathering wood for the altar of Talochaldu, one of the gods of their fathers.

Widow Med'arbeh by Dan Warren

 Talochaldu’s brother, Kothixqui became jealous and appealed to Inalxoch . She agreed to aid him if he would give her a child, and so Kothixqui knew Inalxoch, and she brought forth a child, its legs of a spider and back of a locust, with the fire of the great father, Rasmus. And she named it Med’arbeh.

Sar-Totec worked in the mountains and a storm raged. The Talochaldu’s priests sought a sacrifice to appease their god. Sar-Totec was offered and taken to Mount Taloch, and bound to a great tree as the priests began to cry out to Talochaldu. Sar-Totec cried out to his ice gods, but they did not hear him. The Med’arbeh heard his cries and came unto him and knew him, and Talochaldu became enraged, and smote them, but not to death.

And the winds of storm gave way to the sun.

They placed Sar-Totec and the Med’arbeh on Talochaldu’s altar to be given to the fire, but the Med’arbeh woke Sar-Totec, and he claimed power over Talochaldu and changed his name to Sargon Totec.

Triumvirate Lord of Azylon by Dan Warren

Men were amazed at his power and the words that he spoke, and multitudes sought him. The cave-orcs of the frozen lands, long enemies of man, heard of his fame and came unto him. From the multitudes, he made an army of fifty thousand, such that even those in the Southland quaked at his power.

Talochaldu became enraged and called upon Rasmus, offering the power of lightning if Rasmus would end Sargon Totec’s blasphemy. Rasmus conceived a plan and waited.

Sargon marched to the Pridelands and there met, Killian, a mighty man of valor who with fifty men held back ten thousand for six days. And Killian warred, but his strength failed, and Sargon crushed the people of the Pridelands beneath his heel. Sargon Totec honored Killian, placing the leader’s head upon the Azylonian standard, bearing it as they marched throughout the Northland.

Statue of the Oridinal Widow-wearer Sargon Totec by Duane Perry

Sargon conquered the Northland, subduing the people, and established himself as god of the land. And it came to pass that he arrived at the gates of the great city of Thelea. Sargon lifted himself high, telling all to bow at the sound of the trumpet. All in the land did, save for the Knights of the Order of the Tome. Sargon railed against them, swearing to Kothixqui to smite every knight. Kothixqui heard the promise and guided Sargon to Rasmus, not knowing that Talochaldu had already allied with Rasmus. The Dragon Rasmus came to Sargon Totec and made an alliance to destroy the knights of the Order of the Tome. Rasmus gave Sargon magical lances and told Sargon to climb to the top of Thelea and from there throw down his spears from heaven to smite the Order. Sargon did as asked, tossing javelins from the sky that rend the land and forced the Order of the Tome to hide within the mountains. When Sargon Totec could no longer see a knight, he looked across the world and longed for the riches of the Southland. Sargon Totec prophesied that he would conquer the Southland, and Baziz heard his words and gnashed his teeth. From the Northland, Talochaldu sent a snake to Baziz that linked the lands, and they made a treaty. When Sargon Totec lifted his javelin, Baziz and Talochaldu together smote him. And he fell from the heights of Thelea.

The Dragon by Dan Warren

Rasmus came to Baziz and Talochaldu, and entreated them to honor what Rasmus had accomplished. They promised to give him whatever he desired, up to a quarter of their worshippers, but Rasmus asked for Sargon Totec’s conquests, and it was given to the Dragon to do with as Rasmus desired.

 Talochaldu – Azylonian god of lightning, storms.

 Kothixqui – Azylonian god of stone and stonework

 Inalxoch – Sorceress and goddess of insects and things that metamorphosis. – giver of change.


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