The People

A world is only as good as those who populate it; the world of the Message is no different. Chronicling their adventures takes place predominately in the novel, but every story has a beginning. Below, you will find a series of flash fiction pieces meant to introduce the characters and their world.

Chronicles of the Northland

  • Siraj Part 1 – The thief, Siraj, enters the only major city in the Northland, Karngard.
  • Wynne Part 1 – The young maiden, Wynne, faces the most basic of human trials – hunger.
  • Siraj Part 2 – Siraj deals with the fall out from his last misadventure.
  • Wynne Part 2 – Wynne is challenged by two men.
  • Siraj Part 3 – Siraj has a plan.
  • Wynne Part 3 – Wynne is faced with a choice and makes a decision that sets her future in motion.
  • Siraj Finale – Does his plan work out or is he stuck in Karngard, unable to get to his job in Nor Azylon?

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  1. […] 2010 The first two short stories is posted online. You can find them on the sidebar or go to the “The People” page and select each story (Siraj & Wynne). They are loosely interconnected. Enjoy and expect […]

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